Web Results View User Instruction Guide

Herein below are steps and instruction when logging and searching for patient results in TrakCare Lab Web Results View.

Step 1:

A. Logging On

You can logon using the following link:


The following screen will open after clicking the link. Please type in your TrakCare Lab Web Results View (WRV) username and password then click on the green Logon button at the bottom of the screen.

B. Resetting Password

If you have forgotten your password, click on Reset Forgotten Username / Password at the bottom of the screen

A screen will appear prompting you to enter your Username (1), after entering your username click on the Reset Password (2) button at the bottom right of the screen.

NB: If you have provided a valid cellphone number or email address to NHLS on registration, you will receive an sms or email with a temporary password.

After putting in your username and the new temporary password, you will be prompted to change your password.

If you are no longer using the number you submitted to NHLS, or never submitted one please contact

NHLS IT help desk on 011-386-6125 or helpdesk@nhls.ac.za

Step 2


After logging on the following screen will appear.

       The default search screen allows you to search using the Surname, Name, Hospital Number, Doctor Code, Episode, MRN and Specimen Reference. You can search use one or more of the search parameters then click Search button at the bottom right corner of the screen.

An output of results will appear as according to your input.

See screen below. N.B,

       You also have an option to use the Advanced Search.

Click on the downward facing arrow next to Advanced Search, this will drop down the fields for you to do an advanced search. Advanced search has more fields to enhance your search. After populating the fields, click on the Search button at the bottom.


Step 3

Viewing of Results

After performing the search the patient information will appear as below,

Once you click on patient details there are two options available, viz, view and pdf (which is printable)

       The view only mode allows you to view a single test at a time. The available (resulted) test has blue font and the non-resulted test in black font. Click on the test you want to view result for.

View option:

       Click on the pdf icon this will show all the tests ordered on an episode number. Please note of the report status e.g. Final, Provisional and Amended Results in the body of the report.

() Option


       To do a new patient search click on the Find Search link (1) and click on Clear (2) button and at the bottom of the screen to clear the previous search parameters.

Step 4

Logging off

       If you are not active on the system for about 15 minutes, it will log you out. NB It will retain your last search once you logon again.

       It is still important for you log out, this is to save resources and to avoid your account being used by other people. To log out, click on the face like icon with your name on the top right corner.

This screen will show.

       The lock icon will lock your session, so that when you log back on, you will continue with your search. You will however need to enter your password to continue.

       The pencil icon is there for you to change your password as you wish.